Oakville Insemination

Disproving The Myths About Oakville Insemination Facilities

Once we have decided to expand our families, the process can seem daunting. Even for couples who are able to conceive in a conventional manner, there are a wide range of concerns to address and numerous myths to disprove. This goes double for those who are in the midst of searching for an Oakville artificial insemination facility.

When it comes to an Oakville artificial insemination facility, there are no shortage of falsehoods that have been allowed to circulate. That's why we are to put an end to the myths and speculation. Thanks to the following guide, Oakville couples who seek artificial insemination can now approach the process with a much clearer point of view.

1) The Instruments Used Are Primitive

This is one of the most commonly spread lies about the process and for some reason, it has been allowed to persist for decades now. There are no primitive instruments involved with the process and those who have allowed themselves to believe this lie will need to let go of the illusion. In order for the man's sperm to be applied to the woman's womb, a catheter is going to be used. There are absolutely no turkey basters involved.

2) It Won't Work

This is another prevalent myth. Couples who may not have experienced success in the past are usually the first to paint the whole process as being less than worthwhile. Listening to people like these is a major mistake that needs to be avoided at all costs. There are no shortage of reasons why one person's specific process did not turn out as planned and these results cannot be used as a means of extrapolating.

3) It's Relatively Inexpensive

The costs of this procedure are going to vary greatly from couple to couple. While one couple may need a more invasive form of treatment that unfolds over a longer period of time, other couples may not. The costs of the treatment are not uniform in any way. The idea that it is inexpensive across the board is a major myth and we must remove this idea from our heads before we ever set foot inside of a clinic.

4) The Procedure Is a Painful One

When many of us picture this type of procedure, we imagine a painful and drawn out process. On the contrary, artificial insemination actually tends to be a relatively painless procedure that can be finished quickly. There are no pain medications needed in order to complete the process and the patients are typically able to head home directly afterwards. Best of all, there is very little disruption to our daily routine.

5) Lots of Medication Will Be Needed

Of all the myths that are allowed to circulate about this procedure, the idea that it will take a boatload of fertility medication for it to be successful just might be the least true. Any doctor with a viable level of experience and education will not recommend the use of fertility drugs in tandem with this treatment. The results could be dire and these two treatments are not to be performed simultaneously for any reason.